Adult Ministry

Our mission is to be the shining beacon and to lead an exemplary Christian life for those who live in our surroundings. All of our church activities give us an opportunity to get together as families, to provide spiritual, emotional, moral support to one another, and to collectively reevaluate and reexamine our role and responsibilities as an individual Christian and as members of the Overseas Burmese Christian Fellowship. Our worship services and bible studies are conducted in both English and Burmese language. Below is an outline of ongoing and special events that we hold throughout the year.


Special Sunday Service

Occasionally we hold special services such as women led service, male led service and sing-song service. We also have joint services a few times throughout the year with other congregations in the International Community Church.



Monthly Bible Study

We hold a bible study at a church member’s home each month. These sessions are often on a Friday or Saturday evening and include time for group discussion, prayer and fellowship over a meal with friends and family of the church.



Group Retreat

OBCF holds a group retreat at least a couple of times throughout the year to strengthen our faith and renew our commitment to God, to our congregation and to our fellow community members. Most of these retreats are held at various camp sites and lodging in the New England area.


Special Event Worship

We hold special evening worship services at the church for important days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.



Boston Area Outreach

We visit and hold worship services at the homes of newly arrived refugees from Burma who live in Lowell, Lynn, Spring Field, and Worcester. The pastor and congregation members also visit elderly people, families of ailing and diseased on regularly basis and whenever the situation arises. In 2008, with the support of the American Baptist Church, we hosted the welcoming and reunion of Burmese families who are already established and who have recently arrived in Massachusetts.


International Outreach

Our ties to Burma remain strong and as such we provide financial support to religious groups and individuals who need our help in Burma. Examples of past outreach includes fundraising for survivors of the …., providing financial assistance to build a library at a seminary and giving scholarships to students.


Conference Participation

Our church sends youth and adult representatives every year to attend conferences held by various religious organizations including American Baptist Women, American Baptist Youth and Burmese Christian Association of North America.



Children Ministry

OBCF is blessed with many young children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. There is a Sunday School program for children each week at the same time as the adult service to teach children the word of God at an early age. The curriculum is currently led by Pastor Ai Doh and Jessica Ong. It consists of bible stories, songs and crafts.